by Tangowhiskyman

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Debut Promo Album


released September 6, 2012

Produced by the band themselves. Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Estes.



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Tangowhiskyman Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Original indie-rock band: Frank Antun, vocals/guitar; Jonathan Escoto, bass/keyboards; Ryan Urena; guitar/percussions; Ariel Ovalles, vocals/drums. Sounds like: Music noir immersed in hallucinogenic, powerful, intense and extreme avant-garde guitars and analog Moog sounds. Cool drums and bass, simple songwriting, and a fragile voice with tense lyrics. Fit for all ears. ... more

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Track Name: Mongolian Lambs
why is it you’re going after this?
why is it you’re going where no one can see?
why is it you’re going after this?
where ever you are, I will be there

where is it you been all afternoon?
where is it you been? the ghost room is too cool
where is it you been all afternoon?
where ever you are, I will be soon…. too

mongolian lambs are falling over me
mongolian lambs are falling all over my skin
mongolian lambs are falling over me
softly they fall, and softly they croon

Something’s calling out to me
something ‘s blinking, what it is?
something’s falling; all the lambs swarm the streets

mongolian lambs are falling over me
Track Name: Atom Pilgrim
hey you
megeal morsel
hey you
watching us

cut the corpse’s head off
bow your little gray head
ReAch out Reach out Reach Out!

Keep moving on!

Help me understand
help me understand
why a simple dimple man
keeps under sleep

Keep moving on!

Reach out
Track Name: Apoplectic
you can say all you want
but ill never be like them
you can try to put things back in place
but ill never be like them

they tie you up to endorsement mines
you had it all but you gave it up for lies
you’re no good, you’re lost in time

don’t be so apoplectic

the day you give up is the day you’ll start
the day you give up is the day you’ll start
but I’m not like them, I’m not like them
in their strange suits and their strange face
I’m not like them I’m not like them

don’t be so apoplectic
Track Name: Bubblehead
on again, off again I go
on again, on a milky road
send them home and help them save their day
the little red man with no golden boots
but you’re eyes will not see me through

Im as tired as a broken bell
i ring all day in my head until i go insane
send them home, help them save their pay
there’s a weary word world and it will not let me go
coz im stuck in a bubble POP!

We feel Good
Cause we’re out of the Bubble now…
Track Name: Lucas
out of breath she cries out his name
at the man who fears nothing
suddenly she screams at that man in quick sand
at his foolish contention

where did you go?

i lend a hand and scream out his name Lucas
as wild as harpies
I have seen at his face and his large faded eyes
always chasing, always haunting me

where did you go?
Track Name: Big Mistake (Pentigalon)
im singing, moaning at stars
im dropping juices of my heart… of my heart

im dropping hard drop by drop
im melting fast in your hands… in your hands

you should've waited a little more
you should've waited ’till i got home
Track Name: Something Wrong With You
i tried something new
it don’t include you
cause theres something wrong with you

all i wanted was a year
there are a million or a thousand years
to choose from
to choose from

i tried something new
what’s it to you?
if there’s something wrong with you
Track Name: Me & My Dirty Conscience
me and my dirty conscience
I’m running away from you

I’m bored of this place
bored of your face
what’s that you’re saying
what’s that you’re thinking about?

every day and every night
I get wasted

I sip on all my drinks and smoke
get me wasted